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About Dean, the CTO Ghostwriter

Dean Waye CTO Ghostwriter and Speechwriter

Hi, I’m Dean

I’m a CTO ghostwriter.

I’m here when your company expects you to generate excitement. To persuade. Or impress.

I write, in your voice, for technical and business audiences.

I’ve been a coder, software project manager (PMP®) , and engineering manager.

I’ve written for professional speakers all over North America. Also CxOs, and salespeople.

I’ve done technical pre-sales, and actual Sales for a Fortune 500 company. And I finished my time in corporate America (and corporate Europe) creating content for sales enablement and product marketing.

Writing for other people, I’ve averaged 2-3 presentations, speeches, and webinars a week, for 9 years. That’s about 1,000.

I went out on my own in 2021.

I know your audiences. I’ve been the guy in front of them, and the guy who wrote what someone else has to trust and say.

Our next step is a low-key, 1-1 chat. Ask me anything. Some people want free advice about their next presentation. Some want to test me. Some want a fast-paced brainstorming session. Some are curious about what a ghostwriter costs.

You’ll never forget our conversation.

Phone (easiest, spam-proof)

+1 202 780 9293 (mobile, SMS & WhatsApp)

Calendar (instant access)

Confidentuality is guaranteed, now and forever.

What I do

I help you with the hardest, scariest parts of your role: live, audience-facing events like webinars, presentations, and speeches.

I came up on a similar technical track to you. Coder. Project manager. Engineering manager. 

But where you kept going, I pivoted to a different path, creating top-producing events for VPs, C-level execs and entrepreneurs around the globe. As a Sales Enablement expert, copywriter, speechwriter, and B2B webinar developer.

My online courses on audience attention and B2B presentations have hundreds of companies enrolled. I’ve written every kind of marketing and sales collateral you can imagine. 

And my expertise in constructing B2B webinars and presentations is likely the most in-depth and complete of anyone you’ll ever meet. 

I’ve developed and iterated the processes to get you to your goal — an audience that wants your company to move closer to their company.

So you’ll have presentations, webinars, and other audience-facing events that are better than anything you’ve done before.

This isn’t about slides. Your slides are fine. This is about what you’ll say to your audience, and how we write that. So you are relaxed, impressive, thorough. And so you sound like you. 

The best presentation I’ve ever given. Period.

Jeff R.


A lot of our webinar audience is global. Dean can write complex topics in 4th or 5th grade English. so everyone understands. I think the audience comes away feeling they understood everything we wanted them to.

Naomi G.


I’m not a ‘natural’ presenter or speaker. But I look and sound like I am.

Niraj V.


How To Turn Technical Experts Into Awesome Presenters.

I recently created a 3-part video series for CMOs that explain how to get the best webinar performance from… you! You can see the entire series, and get free resouces. at

But here’s the one that is most directly about you, and the people on your team, through a CMO’s eyes.


Dean Waye

CTO Ghostwriter

(100% Confidential)


Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA

Mobile & WhatsApp

+1 (202) 780-9293

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