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How CTO teams win every room.

“I’ve gotta go, they’re waiting for me in my next meeting.”

Technical content so compelling, every audience makes you late for the next one.

What do you want from your next meeting?

A.  “I want them so engaged we don’t get past slide 2.”

Best for meetings with current customers

B.  “I want them locked on me for the full presentation, so they hear everything I need to say.”

Best for webinars, speeches, and anything with prospective customers

C.  “I want them to turn to Sales and say “Take our money, now!”

Best for… everyone. Always 🙂 


Content so good, no one will care about your speaking style.

Or what you wear.

Or even how good your English is.

You don’t need to change…

⭐ Win the room with the best content you’ve ever had.

⭐ Impress with the best content they’ve ever heard.

We’ll change them

Choose a Service that Fits You (or your team)

Dean Waye,

CTO Ghostwriter

“The audience attention guy”


(100% Confidential)

Dean Waye CTO Ghostwriter and Speechwriter
CTO Ghostwriter and Speechwriter


Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA

Phone Number

+1 (202) 780-9293

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